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“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”

Awesome Leicestershire Learners

On Monday 4th July, the school really shone with pride! It was fantastic to host our celebration event for 19 other schools to support them in developing resilience and self-confidence. We have supported these schools to measure their own character virtues and it was a pleasure to see what the children have achieved back in school. They have been using the Pig of Happiness and thinking about how to have more perseverance.


During the day, parents were also invited to share in the celebrations and we were joined by a number of VIPs including local headteachers and members of the Parish Council. It is important they are aware of the expectations we have for our children in talking about learning and how this feeds the expectations of our community. The children really showed off their skills of resilience using the climbing wall, trying out circus skills, learning about archery and Forest Schools activities to name but a few!


It was also so fantastic to invite Oliver Leek and Lily Barry back to school to talk to the children and staff about their resilience and confidence. Not only how they developed it at Oakthorpe but how they have blossomed with confidence throughout their time at secondary school – just like so many of our ex-pupils. We love to hear about their achievements so please do share what they have done.


The Leadership Council have worked hard this year. They have introduced the 5th R of Responsibility and worked hard to show off the school so much to all the visiting teachers and children. Have a look on the Leadership Council page of the school website for more information about their impact!