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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Week

This week has seen lots of excitement when we began the week with special visitors from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory- Willy Wonka and some of his team of Oompah Loompas. 
It has been great to see everyone getting involved with the story in so many exciting ways. We have seen lots of fantastic writing, with some reporters reporting all about the factory re-opening, wanted posters being created all about key members of the winning crew, poetry and alliteration, designing our own sweet wrappers and much much more. 
In addition to all of the written learning surrounding the story, each afternoon we have been lucky enough to experience different activities: art with sweet wrappers, oompah Loompas music and dancing, golden ticket orienteering and floating and sinking on a chocolate river.
It has been a really exciting week so far and we can't wait for our trip to Cadbury World.