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“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”

Creative Partnerships Celebration Day! July 11th

We have had an amazing day of outdoor learning to celebrate the work led by our Creativity Council and Mr Ellis. We started the day in an enormous circle on the playground to show our brilliant skills of reciprocity! We passed hoops around without letting go of hands!

Parents came along at lunch-time to enjoy a picnic lunch with a woodland theme. They then stayed into the afternoon to share some outdoor learning with us. We decorated material to go up into the spinney over our williow circle, we decorated stones for the underground house, we helped Peter with the willow weaved walls, we used the wildlife area and looked for bugs, we played board games on our artificial grass, we went into the spinney to build dens and we did the night line blindfolded! We really have celebrated what amazing grounds we have in school and what improvements we've made to them! 



We spent time reflecting on our learning this term and what skills we have developed from designing our new outdoor spaces with Kate and Peter. 

Here are some of things people said about their outdoor learning....
“ We designed it. We can’t make the cement stuff but we can help with the weaving….You have to be reflective because it’s complicated to design…you need to keep looking back at what you do. I’m going to pick design and technology at my next school,” Jack Laws Year 5.


I’ve got better at lots of things like ideas because I’ve had help from professionals who know about ideas. I’m normally better at working independently but I’ve had to work more in teams and listen to other people’s ideas,” Cian O’Gara - Creativity Councillor.


“You take little bits and put it altogether. You get ideas together. At the beginning Kate showed us designs. I knew then that you could add bits on,” Jasmin Sproule - Creativity Councillor.


“I was just trying to answer the question over there on the playground of becoming a better learner, and I think what I need to do is use the four ‘R’s* a bit more,” Sophie Starsmore – year 3 (*reciprocity, reflectivity, resourcefulness, resilience).


“That’s the tip, that’s the middle, that’s the butt…you learn something new every day” Shaun Staples year 3 (about willow weaving). 

We're planning an official opening in September to really celebrate what an achievement this has been for our school!