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“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”

Cross Country events

“When you’re running the suspense is exciting, and then when you get home you can have a treat!” Dylan, Year 4

“It’s really fun because you get to race against other children in your own year and you get fresh air and support the school all at the same time!” James, Year 3

We are half way through the cross country running season and some pupils have shown real dedication and grit in representing Oakthorpe. It’s a great opportunity to widen horizons by meeting children from other schools within our local community and gain a real sense of pride for pushing yourself to succeed. Each meet begins usually around 10am and races are separated into year groups. The children and their parents generally stay for their short race and then get on with the rest of their Saturday. Refreshments are generally available too, a bacon sandwich goes down nicely after a quick run! The upcoming events are:

20th January – 10.30am - Woodstone Primary school, Ravenstone

3rd February – 10am – Measham C of E
th February – 10am – Hugglescote Primary

3rd March – 10am – Sir John Moore, Appleby Magna
st April – 10.30am - Griffydam

Children earn points depending on their place at the end of each race which are then added up over the season. The children with the least amount of points are awarded at a presentation at the end of the season.
It would be great to get more children involved with this fab community representing Oakthorpe and to stand out as ONE OF THE BEST for school sport!