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Dear Diary DAY 2- Bude 2010

Dear Diary,

Today we got soaked!!!
It was really wet today and we got really sticky with the rain.
We went mountain boarding and the we went canoeing. We have been really excited about going mountain boading all week; we went much faster then we thought we were going to go because in the long grass we went slower and in the cut grass we went faster!
Canoeing was a laugh, as we all got again soaked to the bone. We had a pirate game and we all nearly fell in.
As the evening activity came by,we all went into town and played MAPOUT!
Again it rained and sadly our map just couldn't take it, and fell apart.
Must go its nearly time for dinner.

Love from Bude,
(Diary entry written by Emillie Walker, Hollie Perry, Georgia Wilcox, Megan Siveyer and Lily Barry.)