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Djembe Drumming Demonstration

We had an amazing afternoon not only with the pensioners tea drumming demonstration but also with a further demonstration after school for parents. The children did fantastically and yet again pulled out another brilliant demonstration of their skills. Parents were blown away and even though we've seen it all before teachers were also blown away and still moved by this fantastic spectacle! Well done everyone we are so proud of you all! We must thank Mr Bailey for his skill in getting the children to this performance level. He has worked tirelessly with us to make this a special finale to the term. We can't wait to get started on some more rhythms next term too. He has made a recording and as soon as we have it we shall combine video and sound ready to launch on You Tube. It was wonderful at the end to have so many parents join in and have a go as well. I'm sure they now appreciate how difficult it really is! We appreciate all the support and the children I know loved having you all there too!

Some quotes from the event - which really sum it all up -  

"Excellent afternoon - fantastic fun - children really engaged!"

"Brilliant afternoon - really great - the children did great!"