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Drummers lift the roof for Donisthorpe Church

The Oakthorpe Drummers' finale performance literally lifted the roof at Donisthorpe Church on Saturday! What an accomplished group - out there yet again representing the school in the community. Our finale performance for the season really was a fabulous end to a busy summer of performances and we are enormously proud of them all for giving their weekend time to perform! The sun also came out wonderfully for us as well!


The children performed a number of songs and managed this time to lead their own songs with key children keeping the rhythm and beat. Their skills was very clear,  especially when they then tried to teach some of the on looking spectators who clearly didn't find it as easy as it looked!


It was wonderful to see 3 of our school Governors entering into the spirit of the proceedings by having a go themselves! Pictured above are Rev. Barry Dryden and Mr Chris Keeley who are having a bit of tutoring from Mrs Bowler and year 5/6 with performing as well. Our Chair of Governors Mrs Vicky Giffard also did a bit (sorry Mrs Giffard I didn't get a picture as my battery ran out!)

Thank you to all who turned up and supported the event - including lots of our teachers who came to support them! It really was a lovely atmosphere. We have been intending to help the church raise funds for their roof for some time (well since Easter) and it is lovely to give something back to them after all their lovely 'Open the Book Assemblies' that the children enjoy so much.