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“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”

Greetings from Bude!!

Well, after a long and relatively painless journey down, we made it to Bude at about 4.15. All of us had a great time looking around and finding our feet in our new surroundings with the sun still shining. Soon after arriving, children met their tutors- great to see some new and old faces including Chesney one of our group leaders- this lead to great excitement in the Oakthorpe Camp. Even more excitement came at dinner time; plates were cleared and loving their place at the front of the queue. After some group activities and games came the disco where all the children were involved in watching a dvd, playing football or dancing the night away- as well as of course money time, where Mrs Hewitt got mobbed for purses and vending machines got raided for sweets and pop! As well as being on the receiving end of quote/insult of the week so far:
Trouble child 1:(giving Sam a bottle of coke) can you open this for me?
Sam: Of course I can.
Trouble Child 1: Be careful though, it's been shaken.
Sam: So why are you giving it to me then?
Trouble Child 1: Because I look good!!!
Sam: (Chin on the floor- what was he trying to say???)

Eventually came bedtime, which for some it couldn't come soon enough, with all eventually falling asleep by about 1am!!!!

Today has been a fantastic first day,clouding with the odd spot of rain, but where children have enjoyed climbing and the new high ropes course- even Miss H took the leap of faith, knees-a-knocking- Great to see so many challenging themselves and tackling their fears!!


Children have since had group activites, been down the beach to play some team games and are now STARVING! Or at least looking forward to their dinner. 
Tonight is karaoke night so more pictures and hopefully videos to follow!