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Jubilee presentations at the Chapel

What an exciting day in the history of Oakthorpe - Diamond Jubilee presentations!

We had a themed lunch in school at dinner time followed by a walk to Chapel to receive medallions from the Parish Council and Bibles from the Chapel. We were a sight to behold in our red, white and blue.


The Chapel looked amazing with some superb local history photographs and memorabilia dating back through the decades since the Coronation. Year 5 and 6 made good use of these earlier in the week for their local history project.


It was yet another very proud moment when we presented these wonderful momentos of this special occasion. The children seemed visibly pleased to be receiving them. I hope they are treasured forever and remind them also of the special place community has in their lives. 


Enormous thanks to both the Parish Council and the Methodist Chapel for these kind donations I know will be treasured!