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“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”

Jubilee Street Party!

What an amazing way to finish of the day with a Jubilee Street Party with parents, friends and family. We weren't put off by the rain and the children were greeted by an amazing sight as they arrived at the hall after school!

Enormous thanks must go to PAFO for a lot of hard work in bringing this altogether! It was a fabulous way to end an amazing day of celebrations and somethign I know the children will remember forever! 



It was brilliant to see so many people come and support this! We raised just over £270.00 which is fantastic! 


And not forgetting of course our brilliant choir and violins who played the national anthem! Thank you children for giving your time and also to Kerry Geary for all her tutoring! We can see how enormously they are progressing!