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Leavers' assembly

As always, we are sad to see our Year 6 children leave us at the end of the year, but we know they are leaving us ready to move onto bigger and better things! It is always a delight to award the Wilson Todd Award at the end of the year and this year’s recipient was well-deserved. He has made a great contribution to every aspect of school life. This year, we also awarded those children in year 6 that showed great resilience, reciprocity, resourcefulness, reflection and responsibility - all worthy winners.

The year 6 have also left us with their deep and meaningful ‘words of wisdom.’ These were read out during the assembly and were given to our children in Reception. Examples of these words included:

‘If you’ve never made a mistake, you’ve never tried anything new.’

‘Always try, then one day, you’ll fly.’

‘Always believe, because there is NO limit to learning.’