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Lion King trip

Key Stage 2 had an unbelievable time on their trip to London to watch the awesome Lion King musical. This was all in preparation for their own performance of the show at the end of the year.

As well as taking in the show they also visited the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square to see the Rousseau painting of Surprised! It filled them with awe and wonder as they stepped into the beautiful building and made their way to correct room to see the painting. They could not believe the size and detail within the painting. A perfect way to complete our learning during Art week when we used this painting as inspiration for our group work.

Comments about the trip from children include:

I wouldn't change anything about the trip because I thoroughly enjoyed it. (Year 6 girl)

The 3 best things I learned: 
How to act in front of an audience; to be responsible when walking around; to use your imagination when making costumes. (Year 5 girl)

What you can make with different material; exaggeration to show your character and his expressions; take your time and don't rush your lines. (Year 6 boy)

How the costumes looked so good; the art works looked massive; how they performed on stage and danced. (Year 5 girl)