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Mr Ellis is back from China!

Ni hao!

Mr Ellis returned from China last week and is full of stories about the learning he has seen when he visited schools to find out about Maths learning. The city of Shanghai boasts the best results in the world according to the PISA test so he went to find out the secret to their successful Maths teaching. He spoke to teachers, pupils and watched lessons and has come back to Oakthorpe with lots of thinking about how to improve Maths teaching and learning.

To find out more about what he has learnt and to see your children learning, we are having an open Maths morning on Wednesday 12th March (9.00-11.00) for parents to come along to find out about the secrets of successful Maths teaching in China and how this can relate back to Oakthorpe.
Looking forward to seeing you then.

Have a look on the school blog for photos and questions from the children.