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Mr Seth's visit from Ghana

At the end of June, we had a visit from Mr Seth who travelled all the way from Konya C/O Primary School in Ghana. It was an absolute pleasure to have him in school and the staff and children all enjoyed asking him questions and finding out about the different culture. 

He spent time with every class looking at how learning is planned for and how teachers use resources in their teaching. His school only has one computer which isn't connected to the Internet, so he was very impressed with the way the children are able to use the computers so well.

The children from Ghana wrote letters to the children at Oakthorpe so we have written letters to take back with him. We also want you to create a poster or booklet about family life in the UK over the summer holidays so we send this across to the school. We will then be able to find out about family life in Ghana.

We planted a tree and a rose bush near the Undergound House to commomorate the visit and our partnership. He gave a speech to explain to the children how fortunate they are and how they can achieve whatever they want to achieve. There is nothing to stop them with the opportunities they have. Even our 2%er's went global as Mr Seth was very impressed with how positive everyone was and he will take that back to his school.

Click on the videos in the Latest News page to listen to Mr Seth's speech and some of the messages we sent back to Ghana.