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“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”

Oakthorpe becomes Hogwarts for World Book Day

We really surprised everyone when all the staff transformed our school into Hogwarts for World Book Day. When children arrived they were greeted not by their teachers as they know them, but by teachers from Hogwarts ready to challenge their thinking in new ways! 

Lessons were Arithmancy, Potions, Quidditch, Transfiguration and Apparitions. All the children spent time learning exciting new things like making things move (on computers using animation packages as they are at the 'muggle' stage of magic), mixing their own potions using careful measuring, making owl sculptures from metal and wire and running around with balls of various sizes for Quidditch training.

Lunch-time continued the theme with blackened tables, special Hogwarts music and candlelight! Our corridors were blackened out as well and children had to be extra careful when passing the ferocious dragon in the corridor!