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Oakthorpe Discovery

An amazing discovery has been made at Oakthorpe Primary School!

While the builders were demolishing the ICT suite for our extension, they found a mystreious box in the ceiling. Excitedly, Mrs Moulds called the whole school into assembly to find out what was inside. The photographs below show the unusual objects that were found. Everyone was fascinated by the discovery and they had hundreds of questions.

Throughout the day, each class had a chance to look more closely at the objects. They decided what they could present to the rest of the school about their findings. Surprisingly we had all sorts of writing ranging from letters to a local museum to stories about the owners of the box. The children in Miss Dixon's class even wrote secret messages in invisible ink!

We hope we will be able to keep the items in school for everyone to look at. If you have any informationabout the contents of the box, please get in touch.