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“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”

Ofsted Report March 2012

Ofsted Report March 2012



‘This is a good school…Strong energetic teaching in all classes ensures pupils engage enthusiastically….Good and some outstanding teaching…The Headteacher and staff have been highly effective in bringing about improvements…individuals make good and outstanding progress….pupils show respect and courtesy…pupils say their views are listened to…relationships show high levels of mutual respect…staff are supportive of one another…. the school is well-led with some aspects outstanding.
Just a small sample of the key messages from our latest Ofsted report. I am proud to announce to parents that for the first time in the school’s history Oakthorpe Primary has now been judged as good and not only good, but good with outstanding elements as well!
You should feel rightly proud of your children and our amazingly dedicated and talented team of staff who now have the just praise and recognition they deserve. The move from a satisfactory status must not be underestimated as since January 2012, there is a much more rigorous inspection regime and schools have to have much higher standards to achieve Good and Outstanding gradings.  This makes the achievement for Oakthorpe even greater.
We are thrilled that our high quality teaching (teachers and TAs) has been judged as good with elements of outstanding as well. No teaching observed was anything less than good and along with information about good and outstanding progress this is truly something to celebrate. Your children are very lucky indeed to have such skilled and caring teachers!
I shall be writing to you again after Easter to go through and explain what the action points are and what they mean to now move our school from Good to Outstanding.
On behalf of all staff, enormous thanks to the very large majority of supportive parents who care passionately about moving us forward. I have read all comments on your feedback forms and feel tremendously proud that so many of you hold the school in such high regard. The support of parents in all aspects of school life, including attendance is vital and parent support has been clearly highlighted in the report as well.
Have a lovely Easter and feel very proud to return after the holiday, knowing (as you knew before I am sure) your children attend a very GOOD school.
Kind regards,
Mrs D. Moulds