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Parent Money is launched

The term has started brilliantly with our new Parent Money Scheme being launched straight away! Thanks for being so patient while it got started; we can see many of you making the most of being able to book things like dinners online in advance! Do make sure you go in and pay for your chosen clubs as this is the way to confirm your places for these. Clubs will need to paid for each half-term in advance. For those who have other family members who pay parts of bills you are able to bring in cards to pay or have a print-out to pay at a pay point with a bar code. So there are lots of options to make payments. We will no longer accept any deficits of over £50 for dinners or other items, so do please keep your accounts up to date. Any dinner arrears from last term will be added to your account. Do please come and ask in the office if you are having difficulties in paying.