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Santa's Helpers Visit Oakthorpe!

We were all so excited on Tuesday when Oakthorpe had a special treat sent by the 'man himself' to help with our research! A special delivery of reindeer came into school as a total surprise to us all! We were told that our children were chosen for the special delivery because of their positivity - we must be full of Christmas cheer and I'm sure news of our positive learning habits has spread far indeed!


Santa himself has recruited our wonderful writers to help him replace his reindeer manual and to get us going he sent his 'reindeer in training' to help. Our 'reindeer researchers' were out there straight away with questions galore to collect more valuable information required. We heard questions ranging from 'What do they eat?' to 'Do they fly using gold petrol?' Oakthorpe researchers are now busy writing up their information gathered! 

Keep a look out on class pages for more pictures and of course you will hear it all on our twitter feed first! 

We can see lots of examples of parents and carers getting involved in home-learning as well with all those fantastic models arriving - thanks for joining in and making this so exciting for the children - some really great conversations I know are happening at home with all this excitement - that will really help with writing the manual!