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Summer Cookery School - August 2011

Children had a fantastic time this summer on our new 'Summer Cookery School'. Mrs Gilbert provided a fantastic week of cookery experiences in school and children ate their home-cooked food for lunch as well as taking home some things to share. It was great to see them all so enthusuastically baking and it did look delicious! Thanks once again to Mrs Gilbert who put enormous effort into organising this event for the children. Here's what some of them has to say....


“ I liked all the things we did. I blended broccoli to make fritatas” Katie Hodgkinson.      
“ I’ve whisked broccoli, cheese and eggs. I like cooking because you can cook brilliant stuff” Georgie Hodgkinson.


“It feels nice to come back to this school after leaving to go to Ivanhoe 2 years ago. I’ve learned how to make fritatas and jelly boats. I’ve got better at glazing by putting egg onto pastry” Morgan Woodrow.


“ I enjoyed making foods I’ve never tried before like homemade tortillas. I’ve learned to use measuring jugs accurately. The best thing about cookery school is that you learn new recipes... I’ve even learned how to crack an egg properly. When I get older I’ll be able to cook my own meals and maybe be a chef” Benny Price.


“Cookery School is a nice school where you have fun and learn new skills. It’s really educational because you can get better at chopping, mixing, separating, measuring accurately and separating eggs” Maisie Wilkinson.


“I enjoy making different things and getting to eat it. I never used limes before but I used them in salsa. I’ve also learned how to use a juicer” Lily Barry. 


We hope that you will all sign up again for our cookery club in the new term! Mrs Gilbert has lots more great ideas for you all to try out!