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“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”

Thank You Learning Council

Today was the final meeting of this year's Learning Council. We spent the time reflecting on what had been successful over the year and how impact had been made on learning across the school.

Here is a list of just some of the activities which they have carried out to support improvements to the school:
  • Monitoring of homework books with feedback given to children and support for children who needed further support
  • Judging the best quality maps projects during Maps Week
  • Taking part in 5 separate learning walks looking for Resilience, Reciprocity, Resourcefulness and Reflection
  • Coaching children who needed support with more positive behaviour
  • Evaluating our current website and persuading the Governors to release funds to develop a new website (WATCH THIS SPACE!!!)
  • Developing learning at lunchtime with the Dinner Ladies
  • Deciding who should represent the school in London when we picked up our Character Award
  • Choosing the colour for our new school sign!
From the smallest of contributions, to the largest, this year's Council have had a very positive impact. They have already helped to decide the names for next year's houses.

Here is some of the impact that the Learning Council have noticed:
'Learning in general has improved as people have been trying a lot harder for a better life.'

'People have been using the ABC - Active, Brilliant, Communicator.'

'I have noticed that all of the classes have contributed a lot to their learning.'

'In all the classes, people have more enthusiasm for learning.'

Great job Learning Council. Look out for next year's Council. We cant wait to see how you will improve our school even further!