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School Logo


Primary School


“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”

School Ethos

Every child deserves the best start in life and at Oakthorpe Primary School we strive to develop every child's academic achievement and wellbeing. Our school motto is Dream, Believe, Achieve

Oakthorpe provides a safe, nurturing environment that allows our pupils to flourish. We believe learning should be active, stimulating and engaging, and will ensure that any barriers to learning are overcome.

We nurture every child's aspiration to be the best version of themselves. We have a clear set of expectations for children to achieve before they leave Oakthorpe. Follow the link to our Values page below.


The school has been recognised for it's work to nurture the wellbeing of children and staff. Our approach is detailed on our Mental Health and Wellbeing page