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Support with learning at home during school closure

Logging on to Microsoft Teams

Picture 1 1. Search for Microsoft Teams on Google
Picture 2 2. Select the top option for Teams
Picture 3 3. Sign in with your school email and password
Picture 4 4. It is OK to install the app if you prefer.
Picture 5 5. This is the screen you will see once logged in
Picture 6 6. Click Teams on the left and find Oakthorpe Team
Picture 7 7. Click it and you can see whole school chat feed
Picture 8 8. You can select your class from this panel here
Picture 9 9. The chat feed here is from your class only
Picture 10 Here you will find tasks set by your teacher.

Year 6 Home Learning Week One


Whilst you are learning from home, we expect you to do your 'Five a Day' which are attached below. These have been uploaded to Teams and once everybody is on there, we won't continue to upload them here.