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“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”


In school, we discuss being safe on the internet with all children every year. Children in key stage 2 are asked to sign an acceptable use policy every year and parents are asked to discuss any questions or concerns that children have about this.


It is parents' responsibility to ensure that they are aware of what their child is using on the internet at home. This can be somewhat of a minefield in terms of new apps and games that can easily lead to interactions with strangers. These are becoming more and more accessible to younger children. Our own e-safety questionnaire with children shows that they are aware of and using these games on the internet.


The school takes seriously the need to educate children for the 21st Century and ensure they understand the risks and opportunities presented with using the internet. It is important that parents also fully understand their role within it. The links below will be useful to parents who want to find out more information and parents are encouraged to attend any meetings in schools that will give further support. These are lead in partnership with the local PCSOs.