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Primary School


“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”



We have high expectations of our children and staff at Oakthorpe Primary School and we understand the importance of a strong foundation as a basis for future learning.


As outlined in the Statutory Framework “Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. Children develop quickly in the early years and a child’s experiences between birth and age five have a major impact on their future life chance.


We adhere to the Statutory Framework and the four guiding principles that shape practice within Early Years settings:


• Every child is a unique child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable,

confident and self assured

• Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships

• Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences

respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between

practitioners and parents and/or carers.

• Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates.

Alongside these guiding principles we also aim to:

  • Provide children with an ambitious, appropriate to them curriculum that gives them, (particularly disadvantaged) the knowledge, self-belief and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.
  • To have the same academic ambitions for all children. For children with particular needs, such as SEND, their curriculum is designed to be ambitious and to meet their needs.
  • Design a curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced.  Building on what children know and can do, towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning.
  • Carefully plan an enabling environment that remains consistent for children. Children in all settings will know where everything is within their setting to support their learning. This leads to children being able to plan their own learning and focus on the knowledge and skills they would like to develop that day encouraging them to becoming independent learners.
  • Ensure layout of provision and resources are carefully planned by EYFS leads to maximise learning potential.
  • Develop independent learners with high levels of resilience and emotional well-being. Children are able to respond well to set backs and are aware that adapting work is part of the process. This is evident in the beautiful work they carry out during adult guided and independent learning sessions.
  • Ensure there is a sharp focus on ensuring that children acquire a wide vocabulary, communicate effectively, and secure a knowledge of phonics which gives them the foundations for future learning to become confident and fluent readers.
  • Ensure that schools approach to teaching reading and synthetic phonics is systematic and ensures that all children learn to read words and simple sentences accurately by the end of Reception.