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“Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident and successful learners.”

Character Council

What makes good character?


At the start of the school year, each class held an election to elect Leadership Council representatives to develop children's character across the year. All of the council members have an idea of what makes good character. These include:

  • pushing yourself
  • showing humility
  • positivity
  • supporting others
  • being reflective and responsible


The Character Council will have a number of roles across the school. These will include:

Learning Walks to monitor the use of Mindset Habits and the 5Rs.

Coaching other children to support their individual learning habits.

Monitoring learning environments.

Supporting children with home learning.


To find out more about Council meetings and activities, see below.

To see the impact of the Learning Council from 2014-2015, follow the link to the latest news section of the website and click on July 2015.