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Writing area

In the Creators class, we are working incredibly hard to improve our presentation and handwriting. We have discussed how we can make our work beautiful so that everyone can enjoy reading our fantastic sentences. Children in Year 2 and 3 are working hard towards making the shift from using a pencil to a pen. This is an important stage in children's writing development as it shows that they are meeting the national requirements for handwriting. This includes, making sure all letters are the correct way round, shape and size. Children will also start to join their letters at this stage.

Cursive alphabet strip- please practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters. Remember that all letters begin with their lead-in.

Left handed children can sometimes need more help when beginning their handwriting journey to ensure that they are in the correct position and that they are holding their pencil correctly to suit writing from the left. This image shows that the key is in turning the paper and making sure that the wrist and arm do not bend or hook. Children should be writing from upwards from the line, rather than hooking over from above the line they wish to write on. Finding the right angle is different for each child and so once they find it, practice is really important to make sure that they are comfortable and able to write confidently and clearly.