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In Year 1/2 we are working hard to learn all of our sounds. We have had to revisit some of the phase 3 sounds but we are hoping to get all of Year 2 finished and ready to learn spelling rules by Christmas. Any additional help at home will help to make this possible. 

Our 'Parents Phonics Workshop' was a fantastic way to share some of the technical language we use with the children, such as grapheme and digraph, and allowed parents to ask us any questions about how we teach phonics but also how they can help at home. If you would like any additional support with phonics then please speak to either Mrs Culpan or Miss Cree. 


Phonics play is a great free resource which we use in school to help practise reading sounds quickly, reading words in sentences and applying phonic knowledge in games. Unfortunately the games do not work without Flash player and so are tricky to use on an I pad.