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The two documents below show all the year 4 and year 5 spellings which must be learned off by heart by the end of the school year.


Spelling patterns and words to be learned in Year 4 and Year 5.



Year 4 

Year 5 

Autumn 1 

Spelling patterns 

Tion, sion, ssion, cian 


rain, rein, reign     whose, who’s 

weather, whether 


Cious tious 


advice, advise    device, devise  

licence, license    practice, practise  

prophecy, prophesy  

Spelling list to learn 

tion and sion suffixes:


mention, occasion, position, possession, question, 

ous suffix:

disastrous, marvellous, mischievous 

I spelled le:

available, vegetable, vehicle, muscle 

tion suffix:

competition, explanation, profession, pronunciation 

Autumn 2 

Spelling patterns  

Ation, sion 


where, wear 

where, were 


Tial and cial endings 


i before e rule  


farther, further, father          guessed, guest 

heard, herd                             led, lead  

morning, mourning               past, passed 

Spelling list to learn 

s spelled c before e, i and y: bicycle, centre, century, certain, circle, decide, exercise, experience, medicine, notice, recent 

i before ee: achieve, convenience, mischievous 

s spelled c before e, I and y: cemetery, conscience, conscious, criticise, excellent, existence, hindrance, necessary, prejudice, sacrifice 

Spring 1 

Spelling patterns  

Words ending with Ous 


plain, plane       seen, scene 


Words ending with: ant, ance, ancy, ent, ence, ency 


precede, proceed  

principal, principle  

profit, prophet  

stationary, stationery  

Spelling list to learn 

ous endings: famous, various 

other words: answer, build, calendar, complete, consider, continue 

Words with unstressed vowels: accommodate 

bruise, category, cemetery, definite, desperate, dictionary, embarrass, environment, exaggerate, marvellous, nuisance, parliament, privilege, secretary, vegetable 

Spring 2 

Spelling patterns  

More prefixes: inter, anti, auto, super 


weight, wait 

eight, ate 


Suffixes beginning with vowels to words ending fer: referring, referred, referral 


steal, steel                   wary, weary  

who’s, whose               aisle, isle  

aloud, allowed            affect, effect 

Spelling list to learn 

early, earth, experiment, group, guard, forward, forwards, fruit, heard, heart, history, imagine, important, increase, island 

Short i spelled y: physical, symbol, system 

Words with prefixes and suffixes: according, attached, criticise, determined, equipment, equipped, especially, frequently, immediate, immediately, necessary, unnecessary, sincere, sincerely 

Summer 1 

Spelling patterns  

Long I spelled y in initial and medial positions of word. 


More prefixes: inter, re, ir, im 

Ible able 

Ably ibly 


Use of hyphen: co-, re- 

Spelling list to learn 

learn, length, material, minute, natural, often, particular, peculiar, perhaps, popular, potatoes, promise, purpose 


Words with double consonants: accommodate, accompany, according, aggressive, apparent, appreciate, attached, committee, communicate, correspond, immediate, occupy, occur, opportunity, recommend, suggest 

Summer 2 

Spelling patterns  

K spelled ch 

S spelled ch 

G spelled gue 

K spelled que 

Suffixes beginning with vowels to words ending fer: reference, referee 


Long ee spelled ei eg perceive 


altar, alter,              ascent, assent,  

bridal, bridle,            cereal, serial   compliment, complement 

Spelling list to learn 

quarter, regular, remember, sentence, special, straight, strange, strength, surprise, therefore, woman, women 

Adjacent ie: soldier, sufficient, variety, ancient 

No adjacent ie: foreign