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The Shang Dynasty


The bronze age is the Shang Dynasty's greatest achievement. To what extent do you agree with this statement?


Each week we will learn more and more about the Shang Dynasty so that you are able to answer this question in the style of an essay. 

To support you in your learning, you will be making a poster all about the Shang Dynasty for your half termly homework project. As a starting point, here is the knowledge organiser.



The Rise & Fall of the Shang | The Story of China | BBC Teach

Michael Wood explores the reasons behind the rise and fall of the Shang dynasty, from around 3,500 years ago. He explains how agricultural wealth was the basis of the dynasty, which remained stable as long as people thought the kings were strong enough to defeat their enemies.

The Industrial Revolution


What were the most important changes in Britain during the Industrial Revolution?


Each week we will build up our learning to be able to answer this essay question. We will be able to draw on lots of knowledge we have gained, such as our local history project about Oakthorpe and the types of jobs people have done in the past. The knowledge organiser below has some key information that will help you in your understanding of this period in history. 


Week one: What was Victorian society like? What was the class system? How did the population grow in this period?

Week two: How did living conditions change? What was the impact of growing pollution?

Week three: How did working conditions change in this period? What was it like to work in a factory?

Week four: What inventions improved people's lives?

Week five: What political changes were introduced in this period? What were the positive elements of this? What were the negative elements?

Week six: What key changes happened during the Industrial Revolution? Which do you think were the most important and why?


Industrial Revolution Knowledge Organiser