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Leadership Council Action Planning

The Leadership Council have been busy looking at the school's most recent results from the pupil questionnaires. We are working with 19 other schools and they all have their own data that they will be looking at.


We have recently met and picked out the results they are really proud of and show off what Oakthorpe is awesome at! The pictures below show which graphs we are proud of.

Look at these results!

Of course, we wouldn't be a Leadership Council without picking which graphs and questions we want to improve. At the recent meeting we looked at the graphs below and we have come up with a number of different ideas to work to that we think would improve our school even further.

  • ask the pupils what they think would make them more positive
  • explore different ideas for re-launching our Learning Habits
  • find out if we need our own Oakthorpe virtues
  • get all children to revisit their Ideal Selves
  • launch some Ideal Self homework
  • use non-distraction tokens for all children


We will let you know how these ideas go!

What improvements can we make?